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Since Arc2Earth implements Esri's Geo REST specification it's very easy to create layers from an Arc2Earth instance.

Light Rail Lines/Stations

This layer shows two layers from Arc2Earth Sync. Read below the demo for more information about Arc2Earth Sync.

For both of these layers we're using the esriOptions option. When set to true the ArcGIS Server instance is queried to set other options like scaleRange and symbology. This can be particularly helpful if you've spent a lot of time styling your layers in ArcMap and don't want to replicate with Google's vector configurations.

a2e_light_rail_lines = new lvector.A2E({
    url: "",
    esriOptions: true,
    showAll: true,
    where: "ROUTE != '101'",
    popupTemplate: '<div class="iw-content"><h3>{ROUTE}</h3></div>',
    singlePopup: true

a2e_light_rail_stations = new lvector.A2E({
    url: "",
    esriOptions: true,
    uniqueField: "global_fid",
    popupTemplate: '<div class="iw-content"><h3>{NAME}</h3><table class="condensed-table"><tr><th>Address</th><td>{ADDRESS}</td></tr><tr><th># Parking Spaces</th><td>{AUTOS}</td></tr><tr><th># Bike Racks</th><td>{RACKS}</td></tr><tr><th># Bike Lockers</th><td>{LOCKERS}</td></tr><tr><th># Shelters</th><td>{SHELTERS}</td></tr></table></div>',
    singlePopup: true

Live Feature Updates

This example shows an Arc2Earth Sync layer that is updated in near-real time. To accomplish this we set the dynamic and autoUpdate parameters to true.

To see this in action you should:

  1. Turn the layer below on
  2. Open up a new browser window and view this map
  3. Be sure you can see both the map and the map below
  4. Make an edit the the map
  5. Watch the feature update live (<1 sec) in the map below

Changing the feature's type (Sewer Issue, Tree Issue, etc) should change symbology and geometry changes (moving the point) should change the same feature's location below.

a2e_vgi = new lvector.A2E({
    url: "",
    esriOptions: true,
    uniqueField: "global_fid",
    popupTemplate: '<div class="iw-content"><h3>{Name}</h3></div>',
    singlePopup: true,
    dynamic: true,
    autoUpdate: true

Arc2Earth Sync

The demo above shows two Arc2Earth Sync layers using Google Fusion Tables as the backend datastore. The online layers and the Fusion Tables are automatically synchronized with a local ArcGIS cache so all renderer, symbology, layer definitions and edits are updated online when you make changes from ArcMap (and vice versa). Arc2Earth Sync is an easy way for ArcGIS users to maintain online feature services directly from their desktop.

Here's how the live layers look in ArcMap:

Also, since Sync implements the Open Geospatial REST spec (ArcGIS Server), you can also view and edit your tables from apps and apis. Here's the same map in

If you want to help beta test Arc2Earth Sync, fill out this form.